Moved by Compassion

December 3, 2020

Although all of our residents have intellectual disabilities they are our teachers.  Daily they provide lessons for us to ponder and opportunities for us to learn.  Recently we had a resident in the hospital and in the process of treating him they discovered cancer and other health concerns.  We have personal care homes and in order to live in a personal care home there are certain criteria that need to be met such as vacating on your own during a fire etc.  This resident no longer could meet the criteria.  When this happens they need to move to the next level of care and will not return from the hospital.  When we told the other residents that they would not be returning one of the residents began to cry and went to his room and got a favorite stuffed animal and took it to the room of the residents and put it on his bed.  They were truly moved by compassion and felt compelled to do something.  So many times in the New Testament is says that Jesus was moved by compassion – a might motivator.  Our residents showed us what it looks like in 2020.  May we are be moved by compassion.   This simple action impacted my life.