Mission Statement

CROSS, Inc. seeks to provide residential and social services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families. Opportunities for intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth are provided in a developmental environment based on Christian values.




Our Story

CROSS Inc, (Christian Residential Opportunities and Social Services) was founded in 1985 by the Peace churches of the Cumberland Valley. Grace Ebersole was instrumental in the formation of CROSS Inc. Leroy and Grace Ebersole have a daughter, Dorcas who has intellectual disabilities. They knew they would need to plan for her future so she rallied the community and CROSS was born. Dorcas still lives at Grace Home (named for Grace Ebersole) today.

In July of 1987 the doors of Grace Home in Pinola opened to four residents. In 1992 in conjunction with the Franklin County Builders Association an additional four rooms were added as well and an office complex. The ministry of Cross expanded to 8 residents. Griffith House in St. Thomas, Franklin County was given to CROSS in 1996. The property has 150 beautiful acres and six adults call Griffith House their home. House parents provide the security and stability the residents need. Griffith House is licensed for six adults.

Cumberland Vista opened their doors as a third home January, 2006. Eight more residents were added to the CROSS family. Cumberland Vista is in Cumberland County near Dillsburg on the property of Cumberland Valley BiC church.

Although CROSS provides quality care for each of our residents, that is not our primary function. We “do life together” states their Director, Jim Roberts. “We believe that everyone including our residents is created in the image of God, therefore, has great value. As “image bearers” our residents have something to offer the body of Christ. Our residents have something to teach us and we only learn those lessons if we are with them. It is our privilege to “do life together” CROSS is uniquely Christian in its philosophy and operation. Daily devotions are part of the resident’s life as well as weekly church involvement. CROSS works hard to find staff that understand this unique perspective and support it by their lifestyles.

In addition to the three homes, CROSS sponsors Coffee Houses exclusively for those with special needs as well as two summer camps for youth and adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. These are for the residents of CROSS and friends from the community who wish to participate. Both have been very popular and have served as an excellent outreach for CROSS Your prayers make a huge difference- please continue to hold us up in prayer. Pray for the residents and staff. Pray that we do not miss the lessons God is sending our way. Thank Him with us for His great provision.

Core Values

The Glory and Worship of God

God’s love is the primary motivation for all we do. We focus on God through the teaching of Scripture and prayer. Our Ministry flows out of an intimate relationship with God.

Bible Based

The Bible is God’s standard for life and ministry. God’s Word is true. We will handle God’s Word with integrity.

Empowered by Prayer

Without God we can do nothing. Prayer demonstrates our dependence upon Him. Pray unlocks God’s will here on earth.

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is the Biblical example. We are equipping and training others to lead as servants. All age-groups can be servants.

God's Work – God's Way

Process is as important as product. The dynamics of discipleship are implemented. The closer the relationship the greater the impact.


We strive to be “above reproach” at every turn. Transparent to the point of vulnerability. Consistent to the point of being trustworthy.


Obedience is better than sacrifice. We want to obey, in His strength, for His glory. We will not settle for mediocrity.

Ministry of Multiplication

We are in the process of ministry development. We affirm the principle of exponential training. We will rejoice when we train others who train others.

Financially Responsible

We will conduct an annual review or higher.. We support public disclosure.


We are a parachurch organization and desire to come along side the local church to reach the lost and edify the body. We will cooperate with other similar ministries in the community. We will promote teamwork throughout the ministry.

Our Philosophy

C.R.O.S.S., Inc. is committed to providing residential services to adults with developmental disabilities. The primary goal of these services is to allow each individual to achieve his/her optimal level of functioning in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust between staff and residents. These services are based in a Christ-centered, homelike environment that ensures residents experience, as closely as possible, the normal routines of life.

The program acknowledges the uniqueness of each person and strives to meet the individual needs using methods that encourage continual growth.

As is possible, the staff provide supervision to each resident in a developmental model rather than assuming a care-giving role. Recognizing that a single program cannot meet the total needs of its residents, C.R.O.S.S. encourages regular interaction with family and friends.

Active participation in a day program and in a local church is also part of the program. Residents are encouraged to participate in the mainstream of society and staff seek to provide opportunities for new experiences.