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We take prayer seriously and welcome others to pray for us. Each month we develop a prayer calendar that is available and gives something specific to pray for each day – Support us in prayer by signing up for our prayer calendar.

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Whether you like to mow grass or spend time with the residents we can find an opportunity for you.

  1. Send mail to the residents (birthday, Christmas cards, etc) – they love to get mail! We can provide a list of residents with their birthdays and interesting facts about each one.
  2. From your kitchen, make a casserole for 8-10 and bring to one of our homes. Can be ready to eat or frozen for future use. This provides variety for our residents and a break for the staff.
  3. When you do your canning for the year, do a few extra quarts for CROSS.
  4. Occasionally we need volunteer drivers to transport residents to special events such as ball games, horseback riding, etc.
  5. Buddy for a resident: Some of our residents have very little family involvement and could use a buddy to occasionally pick them up for an outing. A background check and orientation is necessary.
  6. Volunteer as a family or SS Class – come to a home and have a game night with the residents. They love bingo, Uno, puzzles, and their visitors!
  7. Christmas Carol at a home.
  8. Contact CROSS and see if there is a service project that can be done.
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