Core Values 

CROSS INC. remains an Evangelical mission with an Evangelical vision.

Our core values have shaped our vision, our mission, and our ministries.

The Glory and Worship of God

  • God’s love is the primary motivation for all we do.
  • We focus on God through the teaching of Scripture and prayer.
  • Ministry flows out of an intimate relationship with God.



  • The Bible is God’s standard for life and ministry.
  • God’s Word is true.
  • We will handle God’s Word with integrity.


Empowered by Prayer

  • Without God we can do nothing.
  • Prayer demonstrates our dependence upon Him.
  • Pray unlocks God’s will here on earth.


Servant leadership

  • Servant leadership is the Biblical example.
  • We are equipping and training others to lead as servants.
  • All age-groups can be servants.


God’s work – God’s way

  • Process is as important as product.
  • The dynamics of discipleship are implemented.
  • The closer the relationship the greater the impact.



  • We strive to be “above reproach” at every turn.
  • Transparent to the point of vulnerability.
  • Consistent to the point of being trustworthy.



  • Obedience is better than sacrifice
  • We want to obey, in His strength, for His glory.
  • We will not settle for mediocrity.


Ministry of multiplication

  • We are in the process of ministry development.
  • We affirm the principle of exponential training.
  • We will rejoice when we train others who train others.


Financially responsible

  • We will conduct an annual review or higher..
  • We support public disclosure.



  • We are a parachurch organization and desire to come along side the local church to reach the lost and edify the body.
  • We will cooperate with other similar ministries in the community.
  • We will promote teamwork throughout the ministry.